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Name:Denny Duquette
Birthdate:Mar 26
Location:United States of America

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Shortly before the loss of his final chance at a new heart, both Denny and Izzie were approached by members of Mittelos Bioscience to take part in a study that could, conceivably, provide a cure to the heart condition that was slowly killing Denny. It wasn't until Denny lost his last heart that the couple threw caution to the wind and accepted the offer. While Izzie undertook a contract working as a researcher, Denny agreed to enter treatment with the group and stay on with the woman who became his fiancee shortly after their arrival on the island, when he proposed just before undergoing his first treatment.

Everywhere Else

Denny Duquette never suffered a stroke. The clot that formed instead entered his bloodstream and lodged in a vein in his arm, where it was detected, located, and treated. After recovering from his surgery, he and Izzie parted ways as friends. While hope remains for their relationship in the future, both agreed that they needed some time apart to be sure of their feelings.

In the meantime, Denny spent a few more weeks in Washington, recovering. When he got a clean bill of health, he took a short trip to Texas to visit friends before returning home to Tennessee. It was there that his path crossed with that of Baileigh Solis and Spike online. Helping them get rid of a water demon, he was indoctrinated into the supernatural underworld. Eventually, Denny went on to go with them to Vegas, where he began training as a Watcher for the Slayers in their care.

DISCLAIMER: This journal is strictly for RP purposes...I am not Denny Duquette or Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Denny is property of ABC and the creators of GREY'S ANATOMY...sue me not, for I am poor. ;p

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