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May. 22nd, 2006 01:18 pm
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I hail from Louisiana...way my parents, God rest ‘em, used to tell it? I was conceived in Baton Rouge, but made it to New Orleans just in time to be born there. Now right off the bat, that means three things: one, I speak a little French, which girls love. Two...again, adds to my irresistible charm...I have this here cute little twang I’ve never been able to shake...it ain’t Cajun and it’s subtle, but somehow *everyone* seems to know where I come from.

Most importantly, though, being raised in the Big Easy? If you weren’t a devout pagan...Voudon, witch doctor, or something like that...then you were a devout Catholic. There were other faiths and whatnot, but not enough to be a factor, y’know? Anyway, I fell into the latter group...wasn’t some kinda holy roller, nothin’ like that. That’d require being good, and that’s just no damn fun.

Still, when I grew up I went to Mass on the Sundays I could manage it, and if I passed by a church on the right day I might stop in for confession if I had a minute, then maybe stick around to sit in the pews and pray a little. When my mother, and later my father passed, I tended to swap out prayers for lighting a candle for ‘em at the statue of the statue of Our Lady.

Years passed, and I stopped by church less often...it happens in life. When I went away to college’s when it happened, mostly. It just wasn’t the same...the parishes I found out in Florida, where I studied, were just too modern. And when I went to work out in California, it was more of the same. Still, not going to church, not being *overtly* faithful...that didn’t mean I didn’t have faith.

I think over time, I lost religion and got just that...faith. Back home, there was a way about the churches...the musty smell of old hymnals, the humid scent of concrete and the light shining through stained glass...there was a history there, a reverence and love of the Lord that hit that button for me. Ain’t the same anywhere else in the world like it is there. And that’s what I got...a love of the Lord in my heart, so basic and real that I don’t even gotta think about it or put a name to it.

I believe in ultimate goodness and ultimate evil, and you can call that God ‘n the Devil. I believe in fate, destiny...and you can call that God’s divine plan if you wanna. In the end, it all means that I know there’s a reason I got sick, and I don’t begrudge the good Lord for doin’ it to me...’cause believing in God means I believe in Heaven, and that meant I wasn’t afraid to die when things got bad.

But believing in God also means that I believe in miracles...and that God gives ‘em to those who need ‘em.

And I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that when I was real low and I prayed for something to keep me going a little longer...not even for a new heart, but just a ray of hope to keep me going ‘til it showed up...I don’t think it’s any damn coincidence that the very next day I went to Seattle Grace lookin’ for a transplant...and found Izzie Stevens instead.

Muse: Denny Duquette
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
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