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May. 16th, 2006 02:37 pm
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So, this is what cyberspace looks like, huh? Funny, I thought it’d be bigger.

All right, so I’m no stranger to a computer, it’s just been ages since I’ve been healthy enough to sit up at one for any prolonged period of time. Feels good...*damn* good. Out on the patio, breathing fresh air...it’s a treat, I gotta tell you.

Sorry...kind of gettin’ carried away. I’m Denny...Denny Duquette. If any of you all are friendly with a certain Dr. Isobel Stevens, you might’ve heard of me. I been stalking her at doing time at vacationing at lovely, picturesque Seattle Grace Hospital, where all the trendy heart patients are staying. The food sucks, but the view’s great, and where they lack in cute nurses, they make up for with *knockout* docs.

Seriously? I owe the people here my life, no question. Few years back I got hold of a nasty bug that wrecked my heart...viral cardiomyopathy. Sounds like a mouthful, I know, but I’ve been sick for so long that I’ve become damn near fluent in Doctor. Anyway, I needed a transplant, and Seattle Grace is my home for all things cardiac related, has been for the last five years. I know what you’re thinking...hell of a long time to be sick, especially if you’re like me and never had anything worse than a cold...but in a lotta ways, it just might be the best thing ever happened to me. Made me appreciate what I had before...see just how valuable the simple, littlest things in life really are.

Getting sick also meant that I got to meet my girl...Miss Izzie Stevens, the prettiest surgical intern this side of the Mississippi and the girl of my dreams. Also the girl I’m gonna marry, I might add...my secret? I proposed to her on my death bed. She just couldn’t say no to a handsome rogue like me...especially when I went and *didn’t* die on her. I’m crafty that way.

Long story short? Went through a rough patch, but I got my new heart and now I’m just waiting out the rest of my medical prison sentence in the rehab wing. Docs can sit around and wait for me to keel over so I can disappoint ‘em, and in the meantime? I get to do fun stuff like walk around without a battery pack strapped to my back...I even get to go outside. Izzie visits when she ain’t bein’ tortured...excuse me, *working*...heck, I even talked her into going by my place and smuggling in my laptop. Get a whole hour every day to sit outside and mess about on the thing.

But I’ll be outta here real soon, mark my words...and when I do? I’m goin’ to the chapel and I’m gonna get married. Then I think I’ll climb Mount Everest and whup a grizzly bear for dessert.

Oh, but first I’m gonna have sex with Izzie. Plenty of it.

Her words. Not mine.
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