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[The strange sensation hits him out of nowhere as he reads, waiting for Izzie to show up...maybe he's just that jittery, that excited to see her. One minute he's reading and the next he gets hit with that feeling, whispering through him and causing the room to shift juuuust enough to be unsettling. He shuts his eyes. His fingers tense on the magazine as his head falls back against the pillow...and keeps falling as he lands flat on his back in bed.]

Oof! Sonufa...

[Straightening, he turns to see if the back of the bed went down without his knowledge...maybe he hit the button on the call switch with his hip again...until he realizes it's not his bed. It's not even Seattle Grace.]

The hell?...

[He gets out of bed hesitantly, checking and confirming that there are no wires, tubes, or leads attached to him any longer. He's still in his hospital gown and confused as hell, too confused to be standing in the middle of some medieval suite in a cotton dress that leaves him bareassed in front of God and everyone. The fact that he's seemingly alone counts for nothing.]

Nurse? Dr. Bailey?!...Izzie?

[Spotting a wardrobe, he walks over and opens it, surprised and yet not to find it filled with clothing, and in his size no less. Stripping off his hospital gown, he tugs on a pair of sweats, still looking around for something that will give him a clue as to what in the blue hell is going on.]

Izzie! ANYONE!!
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