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Denny pulled the car up in front of the house, double checking the address he'd Mapquested before setting out. He'd traded email addresses with Baileigh before driving up to Corpus Christi, and found directions before taking off. He still wasn't quite sure why the hell he was here...

...only that this was something he'd never encountered before, and he was dead set on making sure he didn't miss another thing that the world had to offer for the rest of his life. And thanks to the new heart beating in his chest, that life was going to last a good long time.

Moving one house down, he was satisfied he had the right address and parked, getting out of the car and shivering a little against the cold. Seattle had been just as bad, and he had the same cold nights in Tuscon, but he couldn't help but be a little bit homesick for the dry, or oppositely tropical heat of Memphis, weather depending. It had been a long time since he'd been home...but now that he was on his feet again, he found himself missing home more and more each day.

Taking a deep breath, he walked around the car and got his kit out of the backseat, feeling the old familiar zing of excitement that came with a new job, a new study to take part in...a new terrain to explore. He was hoping with a few tests, or maybe some visual identification, he could nail this demon's origin...after all, every biological specimen had a bloodline. Even supernaturally spawned ones.


With his sample kit, a beaten up old tackle box, in hand, he climbed the front steps of Baileigh Solis's porch and knocked on the door. From inside, he heard a muffled male voice call out, then a moment later found himself faced with a bleach blonde goth sporting a sour expression...and what looked like a fruit-punch mustache.

" the science bloke, then?" he asked, licking away the substance before sipping from the mug in his hand...Jesus Christ, was that blood?

"Uh...yeah." he managed, offering his hand slowly. "Denny Duquette...this where Baileigh Solis lives?"

"Yeah...she's in the kitchen, mate. C'mon in."
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