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I once told Izzie I was well-off. Financially, I mean. I was teasing her at the time, so honesty wasn’t a big thing on my mind...but the fact is that I sorta lied about that.

A lot.

Fact is, I have so much money that sometimes looking at the numbers scares me just a little. I wasn’t exactly a *real* good kid, growing up...when I was a teenager, I had a little bit of a problem with playing the odds, if ya know what I mean. Bottom line was I had a little bit of a gambling favorites were cards and craps, and what made it so damn difficult to beat the habit was the fact I was *damn* good at it.

I finally left the games behind with a little age, a little wisdom, and a particularly nasty ultimatum given to me by a girl I was dating at the time. So, I stopped gambling...sort of. I traded blackjack and dice for stocks, and I got lucky there, too. By the time I was twenty five, I had a few million to my name.

While I was mired in that world, though, I saw the worst of what cheating can do...and I don’t just mean cheating at the games. A lot of folks who’re stuck on gambling are cheating themselves out of a whole lot. The...well, cheaters themselves, who think their lives are worth a quick score by trying to mess with the house are the primary stooges. Sometimes the house ain’t all too friendly...won’t bother with the cops, I mean. I’ve seen men come out of that back room, and it ain’t always of their own volition.

Then there’s the hopeless addicts...the folks who can’t stop, no matter how much they lose. Always looking for that score, jonesing for that fix...they cheat themselves out of plain old living that way.

Me? I was never one of the former...too smart to get mixed up in that stuff. But the latter...yeah, I could’ve been one of the sad sacks. I’m an honest man by nature, but a bit selfish as most folks are. I’m the last guy on earth that I’d want to cheat, and in the long run I’m glad that age straightened out my head. Oh, I still like to gamble...but in life, there’s playing the odds, and beating the odds.

Me? I prefer the latter...and I didn’t even have to cheat to do it this time. Just ask my dear darlin’ Jules...she’ll tell ya what a miracle man I really am. She’s got me up on the treadmill and everything, even if I am just walking.

Give me a week...I’ll be doin’ sprints on the damn thing ‘fore you can spit.

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