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He was asleep one moment and awake the next…drowsy, but awake. It was a sad fact, but he’d gotten used to coming out of it after surgery. Or non-surgery, as the case may be…there were few things in the world worse than waking up to find that the end you’d been waiting for didn’t come.

This was a new end…and he could feel it. There was some pain, but the weight was what he felt more than anything. Like a lump of lead in his gut, only this wasn’t just a bad feeling, this was a little bit of machinery that was going to pump his heart from now on. He could feel the wire, thick and just a little heavy against his belly, trailing out from beneath his hospital gown and blankets to plug into the wall…

…this was it.

No more sunlight…no more walking around, no more pissing on his own. The last illusion of freedom, of health, was gone.

Denny Duquette was officially a sick person.

He knew it was coming…he knew this day would arrive, his only hope had been to find a heart before it got here. At least then he’d still be a man…walk in on his own, and walk out whole.

Now that dream was gone…and so was the man he used to be.

It took him a moment to realize there was more than machinery in his gut to keep him company…warm, slender fingers were wrapped around his, stroking the back of his hand. A little effort turned his head…and it might have been the last of the anesthetic wearing off, but for a moment the blonde head and beautiful face at his bedside seemed to glow, convincing him that a bona-fide angel sat next to him.


Her head lifted, eyes meeting his…he’d never seen diamonds that bright or that beautiful. Once…once he’d seen the sun set over the Pacific, and the ocean had been black against that light, black and gleaming like volcanic rock…

Still didn’t come close.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

“Yeah…yeah, I’m there.”

She meant it…every word. She was there…and so was he. A lump of machinery in his belly, hooked up to pump his heart and tie him down…to Izzie, sitting by his bed and smiling that smile of such raw relief…

Doors open and close every day…songs end and begin, the world keeps spinning whether you like it or not, and Denny knew something in his life had ended…something that might never begin again if he didn’t get a heart in time.

But if his life as a healthy man, his life as a whole really was over…maybe falling in love wasn’t really such a bad way to finish things out.

Muse: Denny Duquette
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Words: 457


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