Oct. 9th, 2006

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Yes, I sure as hell am impulsive, and most folks like me that way. Granted, it gets me into trouble on occasion, but that ain’t always a bad thing. You get impulsive, you sometimes make some pretty hefty mistakes, and Lord knows I’m more than a little guilty of that. Still, some mistakes are a lot of fun to make...and most of the mistakes I’ve made in my life? I’d make ‘em again if I had the chance, with the exception of those few times when barreling into something balls out got someone hurt. Not always me, though...some of those times I hurt myself? I’d go through again.

Like recently...had another incident with the stairs. Not my heart, mind you...but everything else? Yeah, the old bones weren’t real happy with me for taxing ‘em so early. I got winded after a couple flights, shaky after three...shaky enough that I took a spill. Oh, I’m fine, but that was three days ago and I got a few real good bruises out of the deal.

Plus I got a real chewing out from my physical therapist...Julie. She wasn’t happy with me at all. Yeah, I got a real tongue lashing from her when she came down to get me for my next session...seemed kinda surprised, me trying to tackle that so early on, but I got the usual tirade about taking on more than I could handle and screwin’ myself royally.

But under the bluster...I think she was kinda impressed. Maybe proud of her newest charge.

Besides...she’s real damn cute when she’s huffy.

Yep...sometimes it really does pay not to think things all the way through...

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