Sep. 4th, 2006

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Hell, all people got themselves some weakness or another…asking a man to pick one’s like askin’ him to walk up to a haystack and pick his favorite piece of straw. But, I guess in the end we all got one chink in our armor bigger ‘n the rest, right?

I guess mine would have to be my predilection towards being liked. Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t the type to be starved for affection, or too concerned with another person’s opinion…it’s all about me liking other people. I wanna be a guy they can admire…appreciate…befriend. I want to be a person that other people will allow into their lives, and I want to leave a positive mark on them. It’s important to me that I have that ability…that permission to be a part of people, not win their favor. Hell, I meet a man thinks it’s a good idea to jump off a cliff and he trusts me ‘nough to get close to pull him to safety, he could hate me the rest of his born days for ruining his good time. But the dumb son of a bitch’d be alive, wouldn’t he?

It’s not acceptance I crave…it’s influence. A chance to leave my mark.

I guess…my biggest weakness is my desire to be remembered, and remembered well.

And believe me, you don’t have to be on your deathbed to want that.

Muse: Denny Duquette
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
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