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Jun. 14th, 2006 12:41 pm
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I’m a scientist. I ain’t no nuclear physicist, but marine biology *is* a science, y’know. So when folks find out that my biggest pet peeve is close-minded people? They’re usually surprised. I guess they got it in their heads that all scientists are rigid, unyielding skeptics with no faith in anything that isn’t in a test tube.

And when they make those assumptions? They proceed to bug the crap outta me.

There’s only one sure thing in science, and that’s nothin’s for sure. Things get disproved left and right every day ‘cause we’re always learning something new about *everything.* It’s all about exploring new frontiers, new worlds we never thought existed before.

I didn’t get into my field ‘cause I thought the world was limited. I became a scientist to go beyond what I knew to be. It’s all about open doors...I like open doors. They can lead to some pretty interesting places. So when someone tries to close a door in my face by damn near glorying in their stone-age, middle of the road, bullshit narrow-minded thinking? You better believe it’s going to get under my skin, and I mean the wrong way under.

So you tell me aliens exist? I’ll think it over. Gays got the right to marry? I’ll weigh the issues. Hell, I’ll even ponder the existence of Santa Claus if you got a valid argument to share. I do not, under any circumstances, see why any person on this planet should walk through this world with a set of blinders on.

There’s just too damn much to see, and believe me...after being sick? I’ve learned to appreciate the variety out there a whole lot more.

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