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Jun. 12th, 2006 10:33 am
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If I could do just one thing right now, and not pay any sorta price for it? Right this very second?

I’d run a marathon.

Yeah, you heard me right...call it cornball and kinda weak if you want, right now that’s my deepest, darkest secret fantasy. The one that’d make my doctors shriek in horror and my nurses panic as they tried to chase me down with pills and shots and IV’s and all that nonsense.

A couple weeks ago, I was lying in bed with a battery pumping my heart for me. I had cold hands, pasty skin, and not enough breath to run this great big carcass of mine without an oxygen tube nearby. Now? I have this brand spanking new heart and about half as many tubes hooked up to me as I used to...maybe ten instead of twenty. I can actually take a leak all by myself now. And I get to go outside seein’ as how I ain’t hooked up to drains on my wounds no more...I’m doin’ so good I get ‘bout an hour or so each day to sit out on the patio. You got any idea how good it feels just to sit and feel the breeze on your skin, to breathe air that isn’t choked with chemicals?

You know what I did yesterday? I stopped to smell the roses...you heard me. There’s a little rose bush just outside the patio entrance, weak little thing...but it had blooms, and you can bet your ass I stopped to smell ‘em.

Now there’s a lot more interesting stuff I could be wishing for...wild and dangerous things I could go after if there were no repercussions to worry about...hell, I’m getting married soon as I’m well.

But that’s the large and small of it, really...I’m getting married to the most beautiful, intelligent, sweet-natured woman in the whole damn world, I got a working heart of my very own...and pretty soon, I’m gonna be hale and healthy again. I got Izzie coming to see me in a couple hours, and right now I got the fresh air filling my lungs...what else could I possibly want in the whole world?

For the waiting to be over...to be me, completely, whole and free again.

So if I had my way? Right this very second...I’d run me a marathon.

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